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KRÍA - Altaka 'EP'

Aside from Norwegian progressive metal band Asmodean, there was another new release we were planning on covering yesterday, but unfortunately we ran out of time. KRÍA is an Icelandic electronic songwriter / artist, as well as producer, and yesterday she released the final track 'Levels' from her EP 'Altaka'. KRÍA is an artist establishing herself with a really good reputation, and it is easy to understand why. She first came to prominence with an EP last year entitled 'Low Hype', and I particularly recommend the title track from that EP, which you can still find on Spotify and other streaming services.

There are four tracks on 'Altaka', and the latest release 'Levels' has really grown on me over the last week - the main strength is KRÍA's mystical and dreamy vocals, and there is a mesmeric synth heartbeat which provides a constant intensity to the track. I like the lyrics too, the song depicting a situation where the same mistake is repeated time and time again. You listen to the track here:

Highlights from the rest of the EP include the track 'Pressure', where the vocals have this sorrowful edge to them, which is probably why I find them so spellbinding. Anyway there is a video to that track which you can watch here.

The full 'Altaka' EP can be found on Soundcloud, or via KRÍA's website, listed below.

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