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Introducing Helga - debut EP 'My Revelation'

We've featured a number of artists at the start of their solo careers, releasing self funded and produced EP's ' / Albums that won't get as much attention. Canigou were probably a great example - their first releases had character and some lovely touches, and whilst their final output lacked some production quality, it was a key step towards them being able to ultimately produce an album which has been up with the best releases of the 2016. So we're delighted to introduce you to HELGA, a Multi-Instrumentalist from Dalarna in Sweden, with a debut EP entitled 'My Revelation' which is full of individualism and promise, and which contains a few tracks worthy of closer inspection.

HELGA probably doesn't want to be categorised into a genre, but I have to at least try and describe her music and it undoubtedly has 'Nordic folk' at its core, but her wide range of influences push the music in a rock direction, and vocally it all has a slightly sad feel to it too. The opens with the musically upbeat 'Life Has Just Begun', a good melody and rounded instrumentation. In writing about death in 'Walk Me Through The Forest', HELGA looks at the experience positively with the lines 'The lovely birds, the snow, the trees / The ice, the wind, the fallen leaves / You've all been good to me', and as with all her lyrics, they are perceptive and thoughtfully considered.

But my favourite tracks musically are the last two on the EP, 'Away From Me' which starts simpler and stripped back, and has a lovely melancholy tune, before a fuller instrumental sound is introduced - and the arrangements work well too. Whilst 'Afraid' which concludes the album is the highlight for me, a dark melody and tune, backed up with the lyrics ' There are times when I feel afraid / I close my eyes and hide under the covers'.

OK so there are probably a few imperfections dotted around, but I like HELGA's approach, her style of music and the atmosphere she creates. Most of the tracks consider the subjects of mortality and nature, and that suits her style of music well. Hopefully we'll be able to keep an eye on what she has planned next and still be here to report on her next release. Find out more about her at:

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