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Klasu - double single release and video

We've featured Klasu a few times before, not only is he a guitarist in the excellent Koria Kitten Riot, but he released a self titled album last year which we wrote about. He writes beautiful written songs with soft vocals, and the Finnish language vocals suit his style really well.

Anyway he's now released a 'Double-A' side style single, with a video alongside for 'Eksyn vuokesi', which can be translated as 'I Get Lost Because of You' or 'I Get Lost For You'. It has a slightly more upbeat tempo than many of his tracks from his debut album, and with a lovely floating melody and natural vocals, it is really easy to listen to and like. Here's the video:

The second track I particularly like, entitled 'Luulin et kuulit' ('I Thought You Heard'), with a beautiful acoustic guitar line, I guess it has a simpler structure and a melancholy feel, but it really is a charming song. Listen here:

Anyway hopefully we'll get news about the imminent Koria Kitten Riot Album which is due shortly, and in the meantime we hope you'll like these two Klasu tracks, which are released through Drink Tonight Records.

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