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Maj Dolores - 'Min vän' EP

After an enforced break we now have a big backlog and we'll do our best to catch up before Christmas, New Year and our inevitable 'Album of the Year' revelations. And after featuring 'Sud' in our last feature, I thought we should restart our writing by covering another native language singer, Maj Dolores who has just released a mini EP entitled 'Min vän', which I'm pretty sure translates to 'My Friend'.

This is the 2nd release from Maj Dolores (the songwriting name of Theresia Billberg), her first single 'Hallå Hallå Hallå' was released back in 2014. In her new EP the Stockholm based songwriter has collaborated with producer Martin Östman, and the results are definitely recommended listening.

I like 'Min vän' because the music has a lovely softness to it, and Maj Dolores vocals are pure and smooth, with influences that are definitely inspired by the 80s, but which don't ever feel too nostalgic. The title track opens the EP, and I love the laid back feel, with a dreamy melody accompanied by synths which are never too harsh or overbearing. 'Horjackan' is equally serene and I like 'Aldrig Mer', with a punchy bass accompaniment and an intricate weaving melody which will slowly seduce you.

This style of music isn't instinctively my normal favoured listening, but I've had 'Min vän' on my ever growing 'to be reviewed' playlist for a few weeks, and I've really enjoyed it being there. With stylish vocals and smooth production Maj Dolores has released an interesting EP which I hope you'll enjoy as much as I have.

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