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Einar Stray Orchestra return - new single and video 'Penny For Your Thoughts'

Einar Stray Orchestra remain one of my favourite groups, their 'Politricks' album was released just before Nordic Music Review started and was therefore one of the first albums I reviewed - I instantly fell in love with their sound, and being able to see a short Einar Stray solo performance supporting Siv Jakobsen early this year was such a privilege too.

So it is great to see the Norwegian outfit back with an excellent new track and video, it's entitled 'Penny For Your Thoughts' and it is the first from a new album entitled 'Dear Bigotry' which will be released in February 2017. I'm just so genuinely looking forward to buying this and the new single is so good. It feels even more driven and hard hitting than previous releases, but it has their normal complex mix of instruments thrown in, and their link up with Team Me frontman Marius Hagen as producer looks like a perfect fit too.

You can watch the video here:

Anyway the added good news is that Einar Stray Orchestra will be heading on a grand European tour to support the release of the album, and it includes one UK date on Thursday 20th April (I wonder what we could do to tempt them to Manchester or Liverpool on Friday 21st.....??). Check out the full tour here:

"Dear Bigotry" by Einar Stray Orchestra will be released on February 17, 2017, via Sinnbus and Toothfairy.

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