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Anna Scharling - new single 'I Remember the Darkness' ft Michael Møller

We featured Anna Scharling from Denmark at the end of last year when she released her debut EP, a beautiful set of songs with her pure and intimate voice at the heart of each track. So it's lovely to hear that her first full length album is on it's way, and from that we have a single release which we'd like to share with you.

After a week where we've covered a fair few Indie Guitar type bands, it's nice to switch to something so individual, and as we heard in her EP a key feature in 'I Remember the Darkness' is the sparse instrumentation - a gentle piano is at the centre of the track, this time accompanied by a saxophone and occasional synths (courtesy of Gustaf Ljunggren). But a guest vocalist features too, Michael Møller (from Danish band The Mountains, and previously Moi Caprice) which adds an assured softness alongside Scharling's ever lovely vocals.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the full length album from Anna next year, and in the meantime if you haven't come across her before please have a listen to that original EP too, she is easy to find on streaming services and you can buy it on Itunes too.

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