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As he said - new video and single 'Kid'

Whilst writing about Herman Wildhagen, I was reminded that we completely missed a release which we'd inked on to our release calendar, from Norwegian band 'As he said', who (like Herman Wildhagen) we've also featured a couple of times previously. So with apologies to readers (and the band...) for being so scandalously late, we will correct that now with 'Kid', a beautifully laid back track with a simple but charming video to go alongside it. It was released at the end of January.

We first liked 'As he said' because of their interesting fusion of sounds, that reflects a band which has skilled musicians with a background from different genres, and what is really nice is that they haven't lost that clever ability to bring together different styles of music. And sitting above all of it on 'Kid' are Synnøve Ovrid's vocals, which are pure and really beautiful too. Listening to this track has reminded me in particular how much I like 'Parasite', their first track, and both that and 'Kid' have been rotating on my music system all morning.

Anyway all their released tracks available to listen to on Soundcloud, and this is the video to 'Kid'.

So after a recent performance at Trondheim Calling, the band will now be gearing up for their EP release, which looks like will be the 11th March. And keep an eye on their Facebook page for more live dates, if you're in Norway, as I'm sure they'll be following up their Trondheim appearance soon enough.

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