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New Artist - Live Sollid, with track 'My Empty Apartment'

We featured Herman Wildhagen earlier, and with his appearance at Trondheim Calling that reminded me how great it is to see artists progressing after we first featured them relatively early on in their musical careers - I was thinking the same also about Icelandic singer Soffia Bjorg whom we featured way back in 2014 and is now just releasing her debut album. So it was great to be sent a track from a new name to us, Norwegian singer songwriter Live Sollid, who is based in Oslo and has just released her 2nd single. entitled 'My Empty Apartment', a follow up to 'Temporary', which received some airplay back in Norway.

'My Empty Apartment' is in many ways a straight forward enough track, but 'Live Sollid' is able to portray some nice images through the lyrics, and her vocals have a simple purity to them which are able to carry themselves through some fairly sparse instrumentation - opening with just acoustic guitar before the track crescendos towards the climax. And it's during the latter stage of the track that electronic and synth sounds pretty much take over from the acoustic guitar, which adds a different intensity and character too.

It's a well written song which I certainly like, and you can listen to it yourself here:

Anyway I have no doubt that Live Sollid's songwriting style will develop significantly over future releases - her Soundcloud page currently has a fair amount of experimental music, an indication of an artist still establishing her style.

For more details please see the links below, and there's also gig information on her Facebook page too:

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