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Øyvind Weiseth - new video and track 'Inside Our Minds'

We've done pretty well completing a fairly detailed review of the Einar Stray Orchestra album tonight, as well as a ridiculously overlong review of the excellent Bone Moon EP last night, so we have time to write a few quick updates on other Nordic artists we like who've been releasing new material.

Øyvind Weiseth is a musician we keep a close eye on, as he's one of the group of Norwegian musicians based in Liverpool, and we've featured him a couple of times on this website for interesting single releases, most notably 'Hold On' which was released last summer.

After the complexity of Einar Stray Orchestra, 'Inside Our Minds' takes us in a different direction, a fairly simply structured and well written guitar pop track which has a real warmth to it. The strength of the track is quite simply in the great melodies, Øyvind Weiseth's vocals are confident but always light, and the vocal contribution from Hege Nesset works really well too (as always).

Anyway there is a completely charming video to go alongside the track too, produced by Charlotte Wiik and which you can watch below. Every second is beautifully thought through, it is really clever and so well conceived.

'Inside Our Minds' is officially released through Horus Music on 24th March, but has received some airplay already on Amazing Radio. which is great And keep a look out on his Facebook page for occasional Liverpool gigs, if you're in the UK.

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