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Karmacloud - new single 'The Longing'

After a lengthy Album and EP review this week, it's good to change our focus and we're delighted to introduce you to a band we haven't covered before at Nordic Music Review, 'Karmacloud', and write about their brand new single which is released today.

'Karmacloud' are a Swedish / Danish / Irish Folk Pop combination, and they have great pedigree as a band, as all 3 met whilst studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston (America, not Lincolnshire...), back in 2012, and they then went on to release an EP back in 2013. As always it sometimes takes young bands a while to get new material out, and 'The Longing' is a well constructed track, which I hope you will all like.

Opening with a delicacy in both vocals and acoustic guitar, it has a charming melody, which builds with lovely folk harmonies between all 3 musicians. The song is a nice if simple enough concept which compares walking through a forest to the experience of love and romance. I particularly like the instrumental section towards the end of the track which builds the song to a climax before a return to the delicacy we heard at the start. It is a really lovely song.

Listen to 'The Longing' here:

Anyway 'Karmacloud' have promised us 3 new releases this year (we're going to hold them to that...) and hopefully they will return to the UK at some point for some live dates too.

Find out more about the band either on Facebook or on their website:

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