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amini - new single 'How Long'

After featuring a few artists new to Nordic Music Review, we're delighted to return to an 'old' favourite, with Norwegian duo amini releasing a new single entitled 'How Long'. I've always liked amini's music, as I've probably said before, there's a real distinctness in the vocals - melancholy indie pop it might be, but it is unusual and I particularly love the lyrics. 'How Long' in many ways is a relatively conventional track, but I really like the laid back feel, with a simple melody that works well and some lovely subtleties in the instrumental arrangements, another feature of this band if you listen to them a few times.

Listen to the track for yourself here:

Anyway one of the lovely bonuses about amini releasing new music is that it reminds me to listen to all of their previous tracks, and there's a nice collection now on streaming services. I've always liked 'Crumbs' (and love the video), but I realise again that 'At Your Doorstep' is a particularly lovely track with a great piano line, please check them out if you can. Oh and there's a gig too on the 30th April in London, check their Facepage book for details. If there's any more UK gigs we'll shout about them on Social media too.

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