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Kalandra - 'Concrete Landscapes' video

Hey so it's Easter weekend and a time where many people will be getting some time with their extended families, as I am, so I hope you don't mind a couple of posts about tracks which have struck a chord really personally with me.

I've referenced before that I was brought up in a small village by the sea in Devon, an area where the most precious land is always a target for developers who want to exploit it for their own good. It has struck me travelling back this weekend that, whilst there have been some monstrously bad developments, the area does (mostly) remain unspoilt, and we are very fortunate to still see it like that. This is also a credit to the local people who are passionate about keeping it protected.

In Norway there has always been that conflict between the natural environment and oil. I remember Moddi talking about it when we saw him live and Katrine from Kalandra spoke about it in her interview with us recently, as it inspired the track 'Concrete Landscapes'. And that's what makes the new Kalandra video to 'Concrete Landscapes' just so powerful. Rather than transporting our minds to mythical worlds or however you want to visualise their music, they have thrown us right in the midst of their homeland and the blatant 'theft' of local land to oil developers, and it's a great statement. But it's still all done in that Kalandra 'style', which I really like.

Just watch it here:

The Video was filmed by and made in collaboration with Morten Rustad Photography, and it works really well. Don't forget that 'Concrete Landscapes' forms part of their new EP 'Beneath the Breaking Waves', which we all really liked here, and that you can find our review fairly easily on these pages.

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