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Introducing Bigg Soft - and single 'When I Was Younger'

Our backlog is getting increasingly weighty, so we'll have to try and rattle through as many new releases as we can this week. But we're allowing some 'queue jumping' for this rather excellent debut from a completely new name to us, Bigg Soft, from Finland, with his single and video 'When I was Younger'.

For those of you who really know your Finnish music, then the name behind Bigg Soft, Lauri Eloranta, might be familiar to you - from bands such as 'Damn Seagulls'. His new release 'When I Was Younger' simply bursts into life with a huge fanfare of a piano rhythm, and the track cavorts through 4 minutes with cleverly woven patterns that have me literally dancing around the house. I think you'll all really like this.

This is the video that goes with the track:

I'm intrigued as to what might be coming next from Bigg Soft, who has certainly captured our attention with this debut. We'll try and keep track of future releases.

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