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Introducing... 'MATEA' with single 'Sånn som sånne'

Hey, is it summer yet? I guess with our scattered (and much appreciated) readership from as far away as Brasil, Philippines and of course the USA, it does depend where you are, but in the UK it's starting to feel like it, and so here's a lovely little 'summery' track from Norwegian band 'MATEA' to bring a smile to your faces.

MATEA are 2 young Norwegian songwriters called Thea and Marie, and they've debuted with 'Sånn som sånne', 2 minutes of simple enough bright, cheery Norwegian pop. This is definitely the type of track which would be perfect for a summer music festival, you just need a field and a pint of scrumpy and you'll find yourself dancing along quite happily. I instantly liked this, and I'm pretty sure you will too.

Take a listen to 'Sånn som sånne':

This track is on Spotify, so it's a great one to add to your latest playlist, and will contrast perfectly to all that melancholy folk and death metal that you have loaded up there. We'll try and give an update on what MATEA are up to next, because they have a lovely style and freshness in their songwriting, which really appeals to me. They certainly have plans to release additional material over the summer, and we really look forward to hearing new tracks.

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