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kathinka - new single 'At Least I Tried'

We featured kathinka back in March on release of their very promising 'debut' single 'Peace and Love', got way too excited over the bands Major Parkinson connection and promised we'd give you an update when we heard what they were up to next. And last week they released a new single entitled 'At Least I Tried', ahead of their album which they hope will be released later this year,

The track opens with a dance orientated drum beat, a catchy melody and it has a laid back feel to it. I still love the dreamy vocals and there are still some great references to indie bands from a few years back - notably Slowdive, Curve and bands of a similar style. I probably like this track even more than the 'Peace and Love' debut.

There's also a video to go with the track too, with the footage recorded by fans at a recent gig - I think this has a lovely natural feel to it:

We look forward to that album release, which kathinka hope will be ready in the Autumn / Fall.

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