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She's a Sailor - new single 'Lovely Day'

I keep meaning to go back to all the new bands and artists we featured in our first month back in 2014 and see what they're up to - some we know have gone on to international fame and fortune, others we sadly haven't heard from since. But one band who are making steady progress are 'She's A Sailor' from Denmark, who are living up to the 'timeless pop' label we put on them by releasing a steady stream of charming pop tracks.

Their latest release is 'Lovely Day', and this is just so easy to get to like, a beautifully constructed track with a tune reminiscent of The Feeling in their early days and a killer chorus. But there's some trademark 'She's A Sailor' instrumentation too, a slightly theatrical piano part, trumpet and it even concludes with a hint of the tune we heard in their early single 'Beautiful'.

Watch the video here:

OK so this would fit into the 'Easy Listening' category in the Nordic Music Review library, but there's nothing wrong with that, and I always look forward to hearing from a band who always deliver well written, enjoyable songs. The band are also playing at the 'Love In' festival in Denmark on July 14th (which has lots of interesting artists that need checking out on the line-up) please see their Facebook page for more details.

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