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Introducing... Koalabø and new single 'When I See Her'

Some of our favourite new artist features in the last couple of years have been lo-fi releases, often from one man acts or duos (Tuvaband immediately spring to mind), and there is often something very personal about these releases that can result in them making an impact quicker than more polished offerings from major labels.

Koalabø is definitely a new name to us, a solo artist hailing from Norway, and he's released two singles through the excellent indie label Sotron Records. The first release 'Me and This Old Town' has a more upbeat tempo, with a catchy tune and a slightly jangly indie guitar sound, but it's the 2nd track 'When I See Her' which has made the biggest impression on me. I guess it has more in common with the lovely personal releases by Finnish lo-fi artist 23:23 (check out 'Faraway Island' if you haven't come across his work), with wistful lyrics and a soft melancholy melody.

Anyway take a listen to 'When I See Her' here:

With 2 distinctly different tracks released so far, we look forward to hearing future sounds from Koalabø, and you can keep track of his latest updates on Facebook.

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