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MALMØ - new single 'Dawn'

After reviewing Eerie Glow, we'll stay in Denmark for a quick mention of a new single from MALMØ, whom we featured back in March when we featured their single 'You'. The Danish band is based around songwriter Maria Malmø, and they'd released 'You' in advance of an album which is due in September and entitled 'We Come From the Stars'.

Anyway the new track is called 'Dawn', it was only released Friday, and was another song written by Maria Malmø whilst in the Himalayas - I'm pretty sure I can hear the influences of that regions music in some of the instrumentation too. The vocals meanwhile are totally mesmerizing, and to be able to successfully construct a track around such sparse instruments and vocals is a pretty stunning achievement. The track itself is written about seeing the light in the most darkest of places, and the principle of needing darkness in order to see the light.

In many ways I think 'Dawn' is an even better track than 'You', please take a listen here:

Unfortunately this track is only available on Spotify in predominantly the Nordic regions, but you can still listen on Soundcloud. September is already shaping up to be a busy month for releases, but we will do our best to sneak a review in for MALMØ when that album finally reaches us (now due on September 8th).

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