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Line Bøgh - 'Yellow Moon' single

It is particularly remiss of us that we haven't featured Line Bøgh previously, but it's possible that less music listeners in the UK will have come across the Danish singer up to now anyway, and we're delighted to correct our lapse now.

Line Bøgh is based in Copenhagen, and her music is based around subtle instrumentation and her beautiful crystal clear vocals. In 2015 she released an album 'Something Else and Something Else and Something Else Again', and now she returned in April with a single entitled 'Yellow Moon', in advance of a new album which is due in Autumn 2017.

'Yellow Moon' has a lovely soft lilt to it, based around delicate guitar and thoughtful lyrics, and the vocals are just so warm and expressive. There is a distinctness to it too, which comes through from Line Bøgh 's voice, and it all certainly bodes well for the album.

You can take a listen to Yellow Moon here:

We try not to guarantee doing full album review reviews on everything, but we will definitely try to get the album when it's released in a few months time. Check her website out if you happen to me in Denmark and Germany as there are plenty of live dates too.

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