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Introducing 'Blod' with single 'Som Kristall'

I really don't think things can get much better than that fantastic EP release we reviewed from 'Ceasetone' last week, but the standard of new band submissions hitting our Inbox recently has been pretty impressive too. 'Blod' are a quartet from Sweden, and their debut single 'Som Kristall' was released through Louvaio Records a couple of weeks ago. This instantly made an impression, as this quartet simply make a great noise, and they are certainly a name to really look out for.

To compare them with bands we've previously featured, they probably fit in with outfits such as 'vvhales', or maybe one of the excellent Finnish bands on the Soliti label. They've been described as 'sad choir-shoegaze in major keys', which I particularly like, but its the chunky guitars that carry things forward which make the track, and I love the rumbling improvised middle section, which reminds me of Svankropp. Above it all understated harmonised vocals deliver a soft melody, and the whole thing is actually pretty fantastic.

Take a listen to 'Som Kristall' here and watch the official video filmed by Jesper Brodersen:

So it's good to see that this track is getting a fair bit of blog attention from as far afield as the United States, Japan, and we're delighted to add 'somewhere near Manchester, UK' to that list. I really hope we can start to see the name 'Blod' on the festival listings over the course of the next year too, as providing they have some other songs as good as 'Som Kristall, I think they will be received really well.

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