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Introducing 'Good Omens'...with single 'Silent Spring'

We normally get nice feedback when we introduce Folk Pop artists from the Nordic region, so we're delighted to introduce you all to a Finnish based band who have been around for a while, but will have escaped most peoples attention, especially here in the UK. 'Good Omens' were formed back in 2012, and released an album entitled 'By Open Plain' in 2014, which you can find if you look hard enough on streaming services. However they've been recording new tracks over the last 2 years, and are now set to release a new album entitled 'All The Moving Parts'.

I've really enjoyed listening to this band, as they have a really uplifting approach to songwriting, their songs are positive, and you'll feel that they're probably playing them with huge smiles on their faces. Added to that are the sweet vocal harmonies, and some beautiful touches in the instrumentation - playful piano and a cello poking through the arrangements. Try listening to 'Silent Spring' below:

'Good Omens' full album 'All The Moving Parts' will be released in September by the excellent new German label called Ice Will Melt Records, and who also have previously featured 'Is This Really Me' on their roster. Please check out their website too if you have chance.

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