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John Moose - 'O' EP

We've just covered 2 Norwegian bands / artists with new releases, today we head back a couple of months for a release from Sweden that probably needs slightly more time to get to know, but is worth the investment from the listener. John Moose are a band we haven't featured before, but their music has real depth, and they also have an interesting perspective on how they want the listener to perceive and think about their music - which needs some explanation.

So John Moose released their first album 2 years ago, and its well worth tracking down, but it also received a fair amount of attention at the time from publications across the world because the music could only be listened to at the time via an App when the listener was judged via GPS to be located in an actual forest. Whilst this might appear slightly far fetched to some, I like the idea, mainly because I value so much the opportunity of escaping from the city and running / walking back home in the forests and hills, and there is certain music I associate with that.

Their latest EP 'O' was released in June, and this time there's an App you can download which allows the listener to submerge themselves in the forest. The tracks themselves are interesting and varied in their own right, with 'Dragsjöberg' the most contemplative, slowly building with intensity as the instrumentation develops, and then launching into a hypnotic swirling synth driven aura of sound. 'Round' is very different, crescendoing into another intense noise, this time a psychedelic folk rock trance of more traditional sounding instruments, with flute hovering above the noise and the vocals not introduced to some 3 minutes into the track. This track then sweeps into 'Under Bridges', a sumptuous vocal melody, with background sliding guitar accompaniment, and the combined effect of the 3 tracks is pretty persuasive.

There's a 360' video to watch for Dragsjöberg, but you need to view it via Chrome or you won't get the effect...

Clearly taking influences from a vast array of musical eras, John Moose do offer something very different, creating harmonised visual and listening experiences. But for those of you who are commuting or working, the music itself is well worth a listen in it's own right, and 'O' is well worth a serious listen.

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