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Introducing... Innesi, with single 'Time of Silence'

Our first of 3 introductions to 'new' bands / artists this week tales us to Sweden, with the debut single 'Time of Silence' by Innesi. Behind Innesi is ex Peaches and Westendgirls band member Isabelle Erkendal, who wrote the songs with Sami Sirviö, formally the guitarist from the Swedish rock band Kent.

The result is an impressive Indie Pop song. Isabelle Erkendal's vocals seem made for this type of track, with a confidence and softness that reminds us of Mike Berenyi from Lush, but underneath the song is driven along at pace by guitars, and an indisputably catchy chorus makes it really easy to listen to.

Listen to 'Time of Silence' here:

The good news is that this is the first track from an album which is due later this year, so we shouldn't have too long to wait for new material. The album was recorded at Sami Sirviö's Park Studios, and co-written by Andreas Brun. We'll definitely be taking a listen to it when we get hold of it.

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