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Retro Kid - new track 'Jolene'

We still want to maintain our focus on Album reviews, and after 3 reviews last week, we're now working on about another 2 or 3 more detailed reviews for later this week. In the meantime we'll bring you a steady stream of new music, with the first being 'Retro Kid', a 'collective' from Denmark, who've just released a track called 'Jolene' which I really like.

If truth be told we don't feature that much music based around electronic grooves, but 'Retro Kid' do it with sophisticated style. Formed around the beat magic of Jake Juba, other members then add their own influence on individual tracks, and in 'Jolene' we have a laid back hypnotic track, with particularly good vocal contributions and lyrical hooks.

Listen to 'Jolene' below:

'Retro Kid' made their debut UK appearance in London this February, and they're also getting some positive response from music blogs / websites internationally, so definitely a name you'll be hearing more from over the next few months.

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