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ONBC - new single 'Vapour Trails'

There have been so many single releases in the last 2 weeks leading towards Autumn / Winter Album releases it's getting difficult to keep track, and one album release date which is now definitely in our diary is from Danish band ONBC, who release their album 'Travelmate' in November, and ahead of that have released a lovely single entitled 'Vapour Trails'.

So 'ONBC' is the band formally known as 'Oliver North Boy Choir', who were originally formed over 10 years ago, but then after a hiatus reformed and released an album entitled 'Crash, Burn and Cry' in 2015. It is an album still available on streaming services, and worth having a listen.

Their new single 'Vapour Trails' is just over 1 minute and 50 seconds long, and it is a gem of a song, opening with a simple enough piano and guitar, but it's just such a lovely sound. There is a softness in the vocals that makes the band really listenable, and then the distinct sound of a cello adds an air of melancholy and wistfulness to the track. The message behind the song is really sweet and simple too, and it doesn't need to be any longer to say it.

Take a listen to 'Vapour Trails' by ONBC here:

The new album 'Travelmate' is due to be released on November 3rd through Crunchy Frog records, and we look forward to hearing it.

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