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Bollywool - 'From Void to Matter Volume 2' EP

Although we've covered a wide range of music styles recently (and we still need to review the excellent jazz trumpet / world music influenced album) we haven't come across that many Nordic post rock releases, which is a shame. Hopefully today's new EP release by 'Bolywool' entitled 'From Void to Matter Volume 2" will set the ball rolling, and we'll be inspired to track down some great new post rock bands, as well as be barraged with new music submissions too.

Bolywool are a Swedish duo comprising Calle Thoor and Oskar Erlandsson, and 'From Void to Matter Volume 2' is their 2nd EP, and obviously follows on from Vol 1 of the same name. Their music is inspired by Island Life, the total peace and tranquillity, contrasted by the raging seas - perfect backgrounds for a post rock band we think, and all the 'From Void to Matter' tracks are worth checking out.

Volume 2 is just 3 tracks long, but as befits post rock bands of this nature, there's over 20 minutes of music. 'The Dial (Revisited)' opens with guitars and synths creating waves of rich, imaginative sounds, and already I can imagine the landscapes of the Swedish islands that inspired the music, and it builds quickly with intensity before the vocals are introduced over half way through the 9 minute track. 'Mirror Sky' has more of a 'shoegaze feel to it, courtesy of Calle Thoor's vocals, which are melancholy but soulful, and I love the visual images created by the powerful harmonised section in the climax of the track. 'Blues for Stornoway (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4)' is more reflective, relying on carefully textured sounds and effects to create an atmospheric track that ebbs and flows.

The strength of this EP is in the detail, every sound hand crafted, ever minute change in dynamics carefully considered by the Swedish duo. I guess for me at times I'd like to hear more of the 'Raging Seas' in the music, but they clearly have the ability to raise the sound and intensity levels if they want to, and a whole album of 'Bolywool' would be rich listening for post-rock aficionados. 'From Void to Matter Volume 2' is a well conceived tribute to the natural surroundings of their Swedish island environment, and it is definitely one of the highlights of this weeks Nordic music releases.

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