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Introducing.... Cloudwalk with single 'Kindred Spirits'

We've introduced a fair few bands from Denmark in the last 2 weeks, but there's always time for just one more. 'Cloudwalk' are from Aalborg and are a 4 piece band who write shoegaze influenced indie rock. They're evidently gaining some recognition on the live circuit some live dates supporting fellow Danish indie band 'The Rumour Said Fire', as well as some radio airplay back at home too.

They've released just 2 tracks (their first 'Holiday' is available on Soundcloud), but their most recent release in the last couple of weeks is the single 'Kindred Spirits'. This is a song about the closest people in your life, and it has some simple enough but really thoughtful lyrics that set out the feelings involved - 'I love your little ways, i never needed more' repeats vocalist Brett Tootle until the message really hits home. Accompanying the deep, melancholy and confident vocals, guitars provide a hazy atmospheric covering of noise, and there's a melodic feel to the whole track that makes it really easy to like.

This is a really promising early release from 'Cloudwalk', and we look forward to hearing more:

If you're in Denmark please check out the Cloudwalk Facebook page for details of those live gigs, whilst for the rest of us more single releases are being planned and we'll try to keep you updated when we get news of them.

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