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Norbert Lukács with debut EP 'Airplane / Sunset / Rivers'.

We like to think that the Natalie Migdal debut single we wrote about on Tuesday was pretty special, but we love this debut release from fellow Swede Norbert Lukács equally as much, and we're delighted to be able to share it with you. Lukács is a multi-instrumentalist musician who has worked with many Swedish artists, from Llojd to Palmegruppen, but over the last year he has been working on his own material, and the result is the EP 'Airplane / Sunset / Rivers', four tracks of wistful and slightly offbeat lo-fi indie pop tracks.

The EP opens with 'Tango (Talk to Me)', a gentle melancholy track, that launches straight into a meandering tune, its all very low key as well as lo-fi, but the chorus has the lovely little tune, and the accompanying synths just seem to be so well judged. Title track 'Airplane / Sunset / Rivers' has a beautiful simplicity to it, but the highlight of the EP is without question the gorgeous 'Garden', a real treasure of a track with a delicious melody at its heart, and slightly warped background instrumental music - the guest vocals from Nina Kinert are lovely too. The EP ends with 'Rosewood Tree', a soft and expressive track lyrically, evidently sad, and it seems an appropriate way to end such a collection of personal songs.

Inevitably with such thoughtful lo-fi indie pop tracks from a multi-instrumentalist we're going to make comparisons with our favourite Finnish artist 23:23, and there is the same melancholy beauty in tracks such as 'Faraway Island' as there is in 'Airplane / Sunset / Rivers', but Norbert Lukács has more of an 'Indie Pop' leaning to him. The key to the success of these tracks is the simple melodies that carry each song forward, along with the sweet sensitive lyrics, it all feels so personal and heart warming. 'Airplane / Sunset / Rivers' is without question our recommended EP release of the week, we hope you all enjoy it as much as we have.

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