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Weaver - single and video 'Boxes'

We just need 6 minutes of your time. Maybe 7 minutes to read the introduction first and the video after, but we guarantee this will be the best music video you've seen for a long time, and 7 minutes well spent. Or we'll give you a refund on your subscriptions.

Anyway we're delighted firstly introduce you to Weaver, a Swedish songwriter and musician (Johan Weber) whom we haven't written about before, but who has a couple of EP's still available online from the last few years that are well worth checking out - the track 'Underneath a Question Mark' stands out in particular. His latest release however is the single 'Boxes', and accompanying it is the most extraordinary Video, made in conjunction with artist Johan Ejerblom - and jointly under the name 'Silver N’ Silk'.

The video took 14 months to create (far longer than the original 3 months they gave themselves), painstakingly recreating a Swedish city using recycled materials, and telling the most incredible story. Just take a look:

Pretty fantastic right? And it's a really good song too, a lovely flowing melody with backing instrumentation that just builds slowly, and some great touches with backing vocals too, there's a confidence about the songwriting but always an appealing softness too. This is a track has grown on me all week.

Anyway it's the first in a series of new releases due from Weaver, and we very much look forward to hearing what he has planned next.

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