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The Radar Post - new single 'Pilots'

We experimented for a few weeks with a 'Monday Selection' which summarised a number of new releases into one feature, but we really don't think it gives artists the space and attention they deserve. So we've scrapped that already. The new release 'Pilots' by The Radar Post is a great example of a track that warrants so much more attention than a miserly few lines, and we're delighted to start the week by demanding (in a perfectly nice way...) that you all go and take a listen.

We haven't featured either The Radar Post or the multi-instrumentalist behind the project Esben Svane (formally drummer in the band 'A Friend in London') in Nordic Music Review previously, but we're happy to correct that now, as the Danish songwriter has constructed the most beautiful song that ebbs, flows, and then builds with a gorgeous energy that, no matter how times I listen to it, leaves me with the warmest of glows. 'Pilots' builds up from a piano base and has a lovely melancholy stripped back chorus that throws all the attention on to the lyrics 'What if were given these wings to go anywhere / Wouldn't it be a heavenly thing to go anywhere'. There is a re-occurring theme on the up and coming album about 'illusion v reality', and the lyrics are really worth listening to and thinking through.

I love too the manner in which the drums are introduced, and the little musical touches that flicker in and out across the track, there's just so much packed in within the 5 minutes of music. Take a listen here:

Anyway Esben Svane is a rare musical talent clearly, and we await his new album (the old one can still be found through streaming services) with huge interest. There's also a really good live video which has been released, you can find that through The Radar Post's Facebook page.

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