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'Tall Blonde' with single 'I will light up the sea'

Well we've covered an album launch today at least, so we'll try now to cover as many other new releases as possible, and we'll start in Sweden with a lovely track from duo 'Tall Blonde', with a track entitled 'I Will Light Up the Sea'.

'Tall Blonde' consist of guitarist/vocalist Frithiof Stenvall and drummer Andreas Larsson, and they come from Jokkmokk in the North of Sweden. Originally they wrote under the name Frithiof as a trio, whom observant readers will remember as we featured them in Nordic Music Review almost exactly one year ago when they released their single 'Love Is A Long Shot'. Now we didn't know of the 'Frithiof' connection until we decided to feature 'Tall Blonde', which hopefully shows that their music writing has an appealing consistency.

'I Will Light Up the Sea' is their debut track under the new name, and it marks a slight change in direction for the duo musically too. A lovely piano theme opens the track, and there is an hint of 'Keane' in there too, before the song develops with a swirl of intensity as drums are introduced and the track sweeps to a conclusion. I think the duo have quite a natural melodic songwriting ability, which hopefully you'll all appreciate too.

This is 'I Will Light Up the Sea':

'Tall Blonde' will release their debut EP 'Wonderful' in early 2018, which will be produced by Tomas Bäcklund Tuneström (The Magnettes) and Stefan Sundström (Kitok) and mixed by Erik Zettervall (also Kitok).

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