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Old S Resort - new single 'Whiskey'

Important news has reached us at Nordic Music Review that the extra special vinyl edition of the new Major Parkinson album is sitting at the Post Office looking forlorn and abandoned, but before we go and rescue it we have time for just one more brand new track from Norway, courtesy of the curiously named 'Old S Resort'.

There isn't that much information online about 'Old S Resort', so we're delighted to be able to correct that now, as it is the project of Simen Søgnen, a songwriter from Oslo who was previously in the band 'Fold', and then the electronic duo 'Norte'. Last year he released the EP 'Creaky', and he's now followed that up with a couple of new tracks, including the latest 'Whiskey'.

This was a track which I just instantly liked, and in fact every track from the 'Old S Resort' that we've tracked down is actually really interesting. Original, offbeat songs that start in a place you don't quite expect but then somehow disappear off even further in a completely different direction. In this latest track 'Whiskey', laid back vocals set out a floating musical theme, backed up by an intricate precise guitar, and the track doesn't seem to follow the structure you'll expect. This keeps everything distinct and fresh sounding.

Take a listen to 'Whiskey' here.

Old S Resort is influenced by a huge variety of musicians, from The Beatles to Joni Mitchell to Tame Impala, and that's probably why it's so difficult to attach a genre too closely to his music. We don't mind that at all, and we look forward to further releases.

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