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Ingolf Bebba - new single 'House of David'

Sometimes a track comes along that i just can't stop listening to. Last week it was the new track 'Pilots' by 'The Radar Post', but this time it's a lovely song written by 'Ingolf Bebba' entitled 'House of David', which just has so much warmth and natural melodic charm.

'Ingolf Bebba' is a Norwegian songwriter, musician and producer we haven't featured before. There aren't that many historic releases to reference, but those which are on Soundcloud / Spotify are really worth checking out. Both 'In the Shimmer' and 'It Comes and Goes With the Wind' feature fellow Norwegian songwriter 'Sea Change', and their vocals are the perfect combination of soft melancholic wistfulness, with a sax floating around behind them.

Anyway new track 'House of David' is in homage to David Bowie and in particular his album 'Aladdin Sane' and his 'Wild in the Wind' cover. The song is a thoughtful tribute which is gentle in its approach, but still moves forward at pace, and although clearly showing it's Bowie influences, I'm reminded in style of the Divine Comedy, maybe a track such as 'A Lady Of A Certain Age' - the accompanying instruments make crafted contributions, and I love the piano in particular.

Take a listen to 'House of David' here:

Now 'technically' House of David isn't released until November 25th, so a big thank you to 'Ingolf Bebba' for authorising us to share it with you all before then.

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