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Erik Jonasson - new single 'Those Words'

All our energy last week went into the epic Major Parkinson review, which has left a great collection of new releases and new artist introductions to bring you this week. We're hoping to bring you at least 10 new releases this week, so we guarantee something for everyone, and we'll open with a lovely track from Swedish singer songwriter 'Erik Jonasson'.

Jonasson has made a pretty impressive impact over the last couple of years with his debut single 'Like A Funeral' and the follow up 'Autumn Falls'. His new track is entitled 'Those Words', and I like this in particular for the lyrics, which deals with a relationship where one side felt that 'feelings involved in love were just a construct by society that we are taught to feel'. It is a really emotional and intimate song, and Jonasson clearly has an ability to be able to immerse himself completely in his song creation, which makes it really powerful. His voice evidently has a 'commercial' edge that will give him widespread appeal, but none of this would matter unless he was able to write really good songs, and Erik Jonasson clearly has that instinctive songwriters touch.

Take a listen to 'Those Words' here:

This is an artist I think would go down really well in the UK, so we really hope he is able to continue to release songs of a similar quality, and that we get to see him over here for some live performances in the next year or so.

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