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'GRANT' - debut single 'Waterline'

I don't want to sound like the XFactor, but sometimes a track hits home not just because of the music, but because of the story behind it. New Swedish artist 'GRANT', in her single 'Waterline' sings of her battle against anxiety, and trying to take control back of her life - something that her music has enabled her to achieve.

GRANT is Alma Carolina Cederlöf, a 23 years old artist from Ösmo in Sweden, and 'Waterline' is a quite blistering Pop anthem, which is totally convincing in both its design and its delivery. She has a an outstanding voice which has so much authority and the song is packed full of big melodies which just leap out right from the start. The lyrics are fairly brutal in their honesty too, so underneath that powerful pop persona, we know there is a fragility there, and so much to write about too. We think that if GRANT can maintain this level of songwriting, she has a huge future over the next couple of years.

This is 'Waterline':

This undoubtedly has a more 'commercial' edge to most tracks we feature on here, but if we're going to feature one this month it just has to be 'Waterline' - you will not get a better written pop track than this.

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