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Louise Lemón - 'Malex' EP

We're trying to feature a range of music styles this week, and this is something slightly different from our normal fare. Louise Lemón is an artist who many alert music lovers will be aware from her acclaimed 'Purge' EP last year. Now she's back with a new mini-EP entitled 'Malex', and the Swedish songwriter, who isn't easy to categorise musically (so we'll leave it to your own ears) has released some more interesting tracks.

The first thing that stands out about this track is the strength in the vocals, which is forceful but also captivating, there is still a Nordic sensibility in the sound, which I think makes it stand out. But actually the main reason why I love the track is the gradual build in intensity, with a piano part that builds with a subtle crescendo, and I think this works really well. To follow this track we're offered a stripped back acoustic version of 'Malex', recorded in the Tailor Hill Barn Studios, and the addition of a choir adds an extra haunting texture to the sound, which is equally impressive.

Take a listen to 'Malex' here:

The final track on the EP is the track '178', and this has a darkness to it that I like at the start of the track, and throughout I get the feeling of tension, with Louise Lemón's vocals driving through the grey soundscape.

The 'Malex' EP was released through label Icons Creating Evil Art on Friday 13th October 2017.

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