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Carla D'Amore - with live video 'Home'

I've written before about my journey 'home' to my birthplace, a small village by the sea, where the natural surroundings are the dominant force, and despite our attempts as human beings to pretty much destroy all that is good around us, how elements such as the tide are unchangeable, and unstoppable. But obviously that's not really my 'home' any more. Work, life, relationships have inevitably taken me elsewhere, and now I have a new 'home', a 'family home', and that says so much about my mature life as an adult.

Anyway, with apologies for the long intro, this is partly the basis behind Carla D'Amore's track 'Home', it sounds a simple enough concept, but actually it is worth some thought. Every day we base so much around the word 'home', yet that home adapts through our lives. My seaside 'home' that i loved wasn't a concrete structure either, it was the really just based around the natural beauty that consumed the area, so what we perceive to be 'home' encompasses our wider lives too, and as Carla D'Amore says herself, 'our memories and beliefs'.

Musically 'Home' is carried along by an intricate guitar and Carla D'Amore's sensitive and expressive vocals. I like this, and there is something so natural about watching her perform the song in a forest too. You can watch the video here:

Born in New York, D'Amore moved to Denmark a couple of years ago, and judging from her appearances at live events around Copenhagen she is now really involved in the local music scene, so we hope some of our Danish readers in particular have chance to see her live sometime. There is also a 3 track EP available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp too, the links are below:

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