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Le Days - new track 'Blood is Blood'

I think we just have time to squeeze one more new track in tonight, and it's certainly one that you'll need plenty of time to adjust your listening ears to, as it's a release from Swedish minimalist folk artist 'Le Days', and the track 'Blood is Blood' from his recent album release 'I Am Your King',

'Le Days' is an artist we haven't featured before at Nordic Music Review, understandably because his last release 'Dead People On Tape' was in 2011, and he's spent 6 years working on a follow up. Behind 'Le Days' is Swedish musician 'Daniel Hedin', and his music is an extraordinary intense mix of dark folk and perhaps ambient minimalism, with every track generally ricocheting high up our 'Mirel Wagner Scale of Bleakness and Despair', the official measure we've adopted at Nordic Music Review to measure misery in songwriting.

But stick with it, because there is an incredible intensity within his music, and 'Blood is Blood' is no exception, with an incredible texture within his music that is hard to define and interpret, all created by the unusual mix of instruments 'Le Days' uses in his music.

I think the best thing to do is to leave this all with you over the weekend... this is 'Le Days' and 'Blood is Blood'.

The album 'I Am Your King' was released in September, and can be found on streaming services if you want to try before you buy (and that's recommended). For more details please visit the following places:

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