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Francis Bowie - new single 'Let Everything Live'

We've featured a few Nordic artists who combine both Visual Art and Music in their releases, and in Francis Bowie from Denmark we have someone who has been an art gallery owner and exhibitor, an author and a musician. Clearly he is an artist who likes to expressive himself in many ways, and in his new single 'Let Everything Live' he makes a point pretty directly about letting everyone express their ideas in their own way.

'Let Everything Live' is an electronically conceived track which feels fresh, soft and inviting, with vocals and lyrics that have a fragility to them, but that suits me really well. But the highlight of the track to me is the lovely subtle touches of instrumentation that are introduced, glimpses of gorgeous tunes, and harmonies that delicately add a layer of additional beauty. If you head over to Spotify, you'll find an acoustic version of the track, which I like too.

Anyway there's also a video to go along with the track that you can watch here:

Francis Bowie's previous album release 'Superblind Forever Free' is available through streaming services, and more information on this interesting artist can be found through his Social Media channels.

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