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Plàsi - new single 'Falling Apart'

We wrote about 'Plàsi' a few weeks ago when he released his single 'Follow Me', and we're delighted to be able to update you on his latest single, which is entitled 'Falling Apart', a track which writes of the growing distance between peoples lives, as well as the privileges they enjoy.

'Plàsi is a Swedish resident who studied at the Rytmus Music School in Stockholm, and 'Falling Apart' is the 3rd track in a series of singles which will eventually lead to a full album release. I like this track firstly because of the lyrics, the world is becoming a darker place, not just because of the nonsense of Trump, Brexit and everything else (although in some ways that is related), but because the gap does seem to be growing between those that have wealth and privileges, and those that aren't as fortunate. Plàsi writes about this in the form of 'Falling Apart', and I think it works effectively.

Musically the track is typical of his style, stripped back, open in a way that brings those lyrics and vocals to the fore, and actually his songwriting feels brave and always transparent. This is 'Falling Apart':

So this is a typically thoughtful track from Plàsi, and we look forward to that album when it finally reaches us.

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