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Introducing... Taipei with track 'Mr Shady'

I mentioned that we'd been neglecting Finland slightly in the last couple of weeks, so we're delighted to introduce another 'one man' project and a track which was released sometime ago, but that has only just been brought to our attention.

Behind 'Taipei' is musician Henrik Sundström, and his music is very different from other 'solo' projects we've featured from Finland such as 23:23. His track 'Mr Shady' has a distinct 60's influence, and the melody itself has a jaunty and quirky feel, with back up provided by synths and bass - I think it is cleverly conceived. Alongside the track there is the most brilliant video, which seems to go perfectly with the song, and which adds a curious dark element. The whole thing is set in a 1970's dollhouse, and this is definitely my favourite low-budget style Video of 2017, it is totally ingenious. I love the way the camera focuses in on the eyes of the doll, and I'm even reminded of the story 'The Sandman' by ETA Hoffman.

Anyway watch 'Mr Shady' here:

This track is part of an album of work by Taipei, which is self titled, and can be found on major streaming services.

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