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The Spring This Autumn - 'Soak' (from EP 'What Remains')

One of our many New Years resolutions is to try and feature more bands with a post rock influence, I hugely enjoyed getting to know the TELLER' album at the end of last year, and look forward to discovering far more Nordic bands in this style. 'The Spring This Autumn' are also from Sweden, and whilst it is true to say that their EP from 2017 'What Remains' is undoubtedly more in a post metal style that I don't quite engage with as much, their instrumental track 'Soak' is pretty outstanding - almost 7 minutes of compelling, swirling guitar noise.

So to ensure you have the background, 'The Spring This Autumn' were originally formed back in 2006, and they come from Botkyrka, a municipality not too far from Stockholm, and back in 2007 they released a self titled album that you can still find on streaming services. Reforming back in 2017 they have released 'What Remains' (a re-issue in effect of some of their favourite tracks from their debut), and it's had a pretty good reaction from some of the excellent music blogs (such as GRUNGECAKE) that follow post metal and post math music - which undoubtedly is also territory that their music strays into.

'Soak' was always going to stand out for me though, loving big instrumental tracks as I do, and this opens with a huge musical theme hammered out by the guitars, which then develops with a counter theme, and drums and guitars then build up the intensity slowly but surely to a climax, before it slowly eases away to its conclusion. I love the subtle crescendos of noise led by the drums, and the whole track is packed full of detail to re-listen to. Now I realise that 'The Spring This Autumn' takes influences from across the heavier rock spectrum, and that it is totally self indulgent and selfish to ask for an EP of purely post rock influenced tracks, but I think it would work out pretty well if they did.

Take a listen to 'Soak' here:

Please add 'Soak' to your latest playlists, and for fans of post metal and maths rock style music, please check out the full EP / original album too - I particularly like the second track 'Creation'.

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