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Introducing.... Arni Ehmann with singles 'Small Talk' and 'Staring at the Moon'

We're sticking by our plan to try and feature more Albums and EP's, but the new artist introductions continue, and we're delighted to head to Iceland for the 1st time this year, and an artist who has just released his 2nd single. Arni Ehmann is a singer songwriter from Reykjavik, and he's had a pretty positive response to his releases so far, judging from the response of some of the online blogs scattered around the world, who've included his tracks on various playlists.

There's certainly a lot to like about his early releases. 'Small Talk' is a softly written melodic track, with smooth instrumentation and a slightly melancholy hint to the vocals. The track was released just last week, and it is well written with thoughtful lyrics. But my favourite song so far is the breezy and bright 'Staring at the Moon', released last year, which builds quickly with with a crescendo of drum beats and we're offered an infectious series of indie pop tunes at an upbeat tempo which are pretty impossible not to like.

Take a listen to 'Staring at the Moon' here:

So we're really looking forward to hearing more Arni Ehmann material over the next year, and he's busily writing away with the aim of having an album ready for late in 2018 - but all good things take time as we know.

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