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Jambrains - new track 'Fade'

We have an equally varied selection of music to bring you this week, from folk influenced tracks through to some pretty good post rock, but we'll start off with a really well written track from Swedish songwriter 'Jambrains'. The musician behind the project is the multi-instrumentalist Johan Alm, he's an artist we haven't featured before, but he has a strong background in songwriting, firstly from his involvement in many Swedish bands over the last few years, and now from his solo project.

'Jambrains' has 2 longer play releases that it's worth checking out, firstly he released an album entitled '900 Days' back in December 2016 (available on Bandcamp), but he followed that up last year with his 'Life, Love and Lies' EP in September last year, and that's pretty easy to find online if you want to. He is clearly influenced by a range of music styles, but at the heart of the music are big melodies and whilst it's balanced for me to say that I like some of the tracks more than others ('Since I Met You' and 'The Curse of Shane Macgowan' stand out) I really enjoyed listening to it.

His new track is entitled 'Fade' and I like this firstly because it is just such a well constructed track, the piano sounds so lovely, and it's carried along by a lovely tune and guitar accompaniment. But actually the lyrics too hit the mark (''They can not fight this fight if they fear to lose / So they convince themselves this life is what they choose''), thoughtfully conceived and simply set out, and the track builds with emotion before ending again with that beautiful sounding piano.

Anyway take a listen to 'Fade' here:

Please check out the following places for more information on 'Jambrains'.

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