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Ingvild Koksvik - 'Songs from the Deepest Sea' EP

Albeit a few days later than planned, we're delighted to be able to write about a lovely release from another artist that we haven't featured previously. Ingvild Koksvik is a Norwegian singer songwriter who hails from the town of Farsund in the South West of Norway, another beautiful location that not surprisingly is able to inspire music which has a real depth to it.

Her latest release is “Songs From the Deepest Sea”, 3 tracks which are English translations from her last full length album, with the same (Norwegian) title 'Og sangen kom fra havet'. These 3 songs have really captured my imagination, because at the heart of her songwriting there are classic folk influences, and her style is one of a storyteller, which gives her music both a warmth and a natural honesty- it must be mesmerizing to listen to live.

Anyway the 1st song is the title track 'Song from the Deepest Sea', and immediately apparent is that Ingvild Koksvik's vocals are central to the success of the music, with a purity to them that suits a melody which has a traditional feel to it, and the lyrics have an expressive melancholy, but is so easy to get carried away with the tune which feels elegant and stylish. In 'Something Better' I love firstly the clever musical arrangements, which carry the track forward and provide a solid base for another sad wistful tale of 2 lovers who start to look elsewhere - I like in particular the subtle piano contribution. But actually the track I've gown to love most of all is 'Mathilde's Lullaby', there is a beautiful soft charm to the songwriting here, and it tells such a lovely story too - of the sailors widow who journeyed through treacherous waters to sell her daffodils, and how the yellow flowers still blossom today.

This is 'Song from the Deepest Sea':

'Songs from the Deepest Sea' was released on 2nd February through Norwegian indie label Fyrlyd Records, and more details on all their releases can be found on the link below.

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