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Otto Niklasson Elmerås - new single 'My Weak Spot'

One of our favourite new releases of 2016 was the utterly brilliant debut from Otto Niklasson Elmerås, with his EP entitled 'We Fell Asleep When We Were Young'. The Swedish multi-instrumentalist totally charmed us with his 60's inspired tunes and clever instrumentals, and to get a new track through this week completely out of the blue was a lovely surprise.

'My Weak Spot' opens with a single guitar chord, and immediately I'm caught up in the spirit of 'Otto Niklasson Elmerås', where every note and sound is deliberately placed and adds cleverly to the texture of the overall sound. Sitting above it all is a typically retro inspired vocal melody, but here it just feels timeless, and throughout the track the bursts of assorted musical instruments add a quirky backdrop, and some unpredictability too - I never quite know which direction he's about to disappear off into. This time it all builds to this huge climactic chorus, which seems to get bigger every time we reach it.

I so really like this track, take a listen here:

Anyway the only problem here is that one track is just not enough, but we will be patient as a whole album of Otto Niklasson Elmerås is due in June 2018, and we promise to try not to get over excited and build it up too much. But we expect it to be delightful.

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