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Teodor Holmqvist - new single 'Lend Me A Hand'

After the sounds of Nicky William, we're delighted to drop in a track from a songwriter who has a more traditional folk sound and voice, even if clearly he has indie singer songwriter influences too. Teodor Holmqvist resides in the beautiful looking Swedish city of Umeå (although I guess all Swedish cities look beautiful to me), and his latest single is entitled 'Lend Me A Hand', the 1st track from his 2nd EP which is due over the next few months.

It was slightly remiss of us not to feature his debut EP, which was entitled 'Time Says So' and released last November, as it's a thoughtful piece of musical writing. Teodor Holmqvist has this rich, expressive quality in his vocals, but it's all very understated too - and to me that gives it a real honesty. As he says himself, he's writing 'melodic daydreaming tunes' about his personal journeys, and I get the feeling he'd still be having those melodic daydreams even if the rest of us weren't listening in. Anyway the highlight of the 1st EP is probably 'Brown Little Bird', a languid tuneful song performed at a good tempo with lovely harmonies, but all 4 tracks are worth listening to.

The new track is 'Lend Me A Hand', and it's probably my favourite song from Holmqvist so far, mainly because of the wistful easy listening melody, but the flowing guitar that accompanies him is really lovely and helps make the track too. I really think this is worthy of any of your latest music playlists, irrespective of your musical preferences.

This is 'Lend Me A Hand:

So we look forward to the full EP from Teodor Homqvist, and we'll be sure to at least try and write about it when it reaches us sometime in the next few months.


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