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Another Juggle - new single 'Fuzzy'

Just one update today as unfortunately work, travel requirements and 'Storm Emma' are somewhat conspiring against me. We featured Danish band 'Another Juggle' back in 2016 when they released a really interesting album packed full of big melodies entitled 'Dance Sunshine, Dance'. It's still available, obviously, on streaming services so try and check it out if you weren't reading us back then.

The good news is that the dream pop quartet from Copenhagen are back with a track entitled 'Fuzzy' from their forthcoming album, and it's released today. This is a song written originally by 'Grant Lee Buffalo' and I love the 'Another Juggle' take on it, mixed by Nicolas Vernhes (War on Drugs and many more...).

'Fuzzy' has a smooth but melancholy feel to it, and I've had it on repeat for much of this morning - definitely a track to drop on your latest playlists.

This is 'Fuzzy':

We'll definitely try and cover the new 'Another Juggle' album when it's released sometimes towards the end of the year.

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