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MALMØ - new video and single 'We Come from the Stars'

We have a simply mammoth collection of albums, singles, videos and UK gig information to write about this week, so please keep checking the site for the latest updates, and we'll start off with Danish band MALMØ. who we first wrote about last March when they released their single 'You'.

For those of you who don't remember, MALMØ are based around the singer songwriter Maria Malmo, with a collection of talented musicians around her. Their album had a Danish release last year, and they've had some great airplay and coverage not only back in Denmark, but internationally too - with BBC, Amazing Radio and an International Showcase gig in Switzerland. Over the next few months their sights are set on the UK, with the UK release of their album, and we're hoping for some gig news too. In advance of those things they're releasing a single, which is the title track from the album, 'We Come from the Stars'.

'We 'Come from the Stars is a typically charming song, with lovely harmonised vocals, but this has a catchier feel to it than tracks such as 'You' - but it still maintains that intricacy that I love about her music. Musically it fits somewhere in the realms of 'I See Rivers' float folk sphere (for regular readers) and more recognised Nordic artists such as 'Eivor' - but i like the fact that MALMØ seem to bring together influences from the worlds of folk, indie pop and dream pop to create something that feels really natural.

Watch the video to 'We Come from the Stars' here:

The album 'We Came from the Stars' will be released through Integrity Records in the UK early May, and for our readers in Greenland (and we know we have a few) they will play at Arctic Sounds, Sisimiut, Greenland at the end of March/April 2018.

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