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Introducing... Den Stora Flykten with single 'Vi Är Int'

If truth be told we've agreed to cover way too much music this week, but it's impossible to say no when the songs we're sent are just so good, so we'll just have to write even more than usual. We'll head back to Sweden next with 'Den Stora Flykten' (translated to 'The Great Escape' if Google is to be believed), a band who have just released their debut single - an infectious track entitled 'Vi Är Int', which lands somewhere between Indie Pop and Indie Rock, maybe with some Post Punk influences too - but who cares about the categorisation, it's just great fun to listen to.

So 'Den Stora Flykten' are from Umeå, a place we mentioned really recently as singer songwriter Teodor Holmqvist resides there, and after extensive research we believe that they're a 3 piece band, because that's how many people they have in their photos. I hate to make comparisons, because I always get them just so badly wrong, but the eccentricities in their music remind me slightly of Bob Hund - big anthems, a sense of theatre, well just listen and make a judgement for yourself.

This is the video to 'Vi Är Int - I love videos with old clips such as this, reminds me so much of 'Major Parkinson's' 'Heart of Hickory':

There are so many things to like here. I love the subtleties of the crescendoed opening to start, and then the melodies just keep hitting over and over. I like the lyrical theme behind the song too, which I believe is offering out a 'holding hand' to those who find themselves in apparently hopeless situations. Perhaps it will inspire all of Sweden to take pity on poor hapless Britain and offer us all a holding hand in these dark and strange times...

Anyway add 'Den Stora Flykten' to your list of favourite new Swedish bands, and we very much look forward to covering them again sometime later this year - their album is due out in May through Luftslott Records.

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